Product Name : Common Binding
Product Description
  • Threaded glue:When the number of pages is large, to prevent the inner pages from falling off, threaded plastic binding will be used to increase the firmness of the inner pages
  • Saddle:The volume is stacked in a straddle style, the cover is wrapped in the outermost sheet, and the inner pages of the cover are nailed together with wire
  • Butterfly book:The design style is suitable for spreads, with the characteristics of flattening, no seams in the middle of the page, and super-large field of view. Except for the hard shell cover, the inner pages can be completely flattened, and there is no seam in the middle of the drawing, which is suitable for spreads and panoramas All can be fully presented, suitable for collecting books, quite exquisite and durable
  • Binding:Hard binding is to apply hot-melt resin on the back of the book, and then glue the cover, stack the folded books according to the page number, use a higher temperature to dissolve the hard glue into a viscous shape, and use a roller to press it on the back of the book The binding method that is glued to the cover is commonly used for book binding such as workbooks, instruction books, textbooks, exquisite magazines, etc
  • Hardcover:Hardcover books have a thick and hard cardboard cover. During processing, two parts, the cover and the inner pages, need to be made of tougher paper
  • Coil binding:Commonly used in the processing of printed matter such as notebooks, calendars, and triangular desk calendars. There is not much limit on the number of pages, but the page layout should reserve a space area for coil punching in advance

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