Product Name : Rolls of sticker printing
Product Description
  • Material: White coated paper, waterproof synthetic paper, transparent synthetic paper, white molded paper, kraft paper, frozen glue waterproof synthetic paper, non-residual glue waterproof synthetic paper, Japanese washi paper, Tyvek, water texture white paper, plain laser paper, sand point Laser Paper, White Tetra Dragon, Bright Silver Dragon, Silver Elimination Dragon
  • Upper film: bright film, fog film
  • Special processing: hot stamping/silver stamping, gold oil, back knife, embossing, rolling dotted line, changing data (serial number/barcode)
  • Minimum print quantity: minimum order
  • Special needs: Please specify the material and thickness in the letter

Provide a variety of customized printing, customized size roll sticker printing, according to the size and size of the customer's needs, the printing color can be from no printing, to one-color printing to multi-color printing, we can provide customers with professional services.

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