Product Name : Stickers digital printing
Product Description
  • Recommended material:White coated paper, waterproof synthetic paper, transparent synthetic paper, white molded paper, kraft paper, frozen glue waterproof synthetic paper, non-residual glue waterproof synthetic paper, Japanese washi paper, Tyvek, water texture white paper, plain laser paper, sand point Laser Paper, White Tetra Dragon, Bright Silver Dragon, Silver Elimination Dragon
  • Upper film: bright film, fog film
  • Special processing: hot stamping/silver stamping, gold oil, back knife, embossing, rolling dotted line, changing data (serial number/barcode)
  • Minimum print quantity: minimum order
  • Special needs: Please specify the material and thickness in the letter

Stickers are digitally printed, perfect for small batches of full color stickers, we print stickers digitally using the latest technology. With digital printing, we can quickly process very high quality custom sticker label printing.

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