Product Name : Saddle Stitching
Product Description
  • Suggested materials:coated paper, molded paper, art paper Coating film: bright film / fog film / partial varnish / logical light pattern
  • Coating film: bright film/fog film/partial varnish/logical light pattern
  • Bronzing: multi-color optional
  • Post-processing: embossing, etc.
  • Style: plastic binding, hardcover, threaded plastic binding, etc.
  • Minimum print quantity: minimum order
  • Special requirements: small quantities can also be printed, please write to inquire

Saddle-stitched notebook: After the folded pages are neatly arranged, two or three staples are fixed on the fold line of the back of the notebook, and the notebook is finished by trimming on three sides. Suitable for notebooks with few pages, it can be fully unfolded and convenient for writing records.

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