Product Name : Envelope/official envelope printing
Product Description
  • Suggested materials: white molded envelopes, white cowhide envelopes, yellow cowhide envelopes, red cowhide envelopes
  • Coating film: bright film / fog film / partial varnish / logical light pattern
  • Bronzing: multi-color optional
  • Post-processing: embossing, etc
  • Minimum print quantity: minimum order
  • Special needs: Please specify the material and thickness in the letter

We are a manufacturer and supplier of all types of business envelopes, official envelopes including Horizontal Standard Envelopes, Straight Standard Envelopes, Airline Envelopes, Value Envelopes, Large Kraft Standard Envelopes, Medium Kraft Standard Envelopes, B4 Kraft Standard Envelopes, large bubble kraft envelopes, medium bubble kraft envelopes and all types of special envelopes.

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